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Engineer, Evangelist, Soul  Winner, Presenter, Pastor, Marriage Counselor,Developer, Personal Trainer,Husband to Berrol
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“Winning doesn’t mean always coming first,  winning means you are doing better than you`ve done before”

“Be happy with what you have  while working for what you want”

Biography of John Mamabolo

President and Founder of By The Grace Ministry , By Grace Solutions & By The Grace Radio

John Mamabolo was born 14 August at Ga -Sekgopo, Limpopo Province.
He is the second child and first born son of the late Bishop MJ & Pastor JE Mamabolo. He did his primary school at Mantsha Primary School. In 1991 he was doing standard one by the age of seven and was able to read, study, understand bible (the word of God) and pray, the same year him and his friend used to go and work at ZZ2 after school, the same year when he was praying he felt the touch from above that changed his life and he was baptized with the Holy Spirit. He started preaching.

In 1992 he moved from Mantsha primary School to Makhabane Primary School where he was doing standard two and he started preaching at assembly, the same year his father went with him at the place called mafefe in Polokwane with African Bible College Student to preach doing House to House Preaching. He continued to preach.

In 1996 he was promoted from primary to high school(Makhabane to Motsheudi) where  he did  standard 6 and he continued  to preach during morning  assembly, the same year he was  elected as president of LCM ( Learners Christian Movement) and lots were happening Learners were responding to the call of God, he was  Baptized in water.
Same Year in 1996 he met Pastor Mike Selaelo who invited him to preach during youth service at Sekgopo Assemblies of God Fellowship under the leadership of the late Bishop J Maponya, and by then he was staying with his grandmother and his Brother Timothy so that they can be next to Motsheudi High School and the same year he met Apostle Frans Ramolesa and we started praying and fasting together.

In 1997 he met Isaac Maake who is now a pastor he preached to him and we became friends and he introduced him to Prayer and Fasting, the same year he met Isaac Masilo Selahla, they became friend and they met Ingrid Ramapuputla now is Mama Moruti Macheke who organised fasting prayers, the same year he met Klass Motupa and they became friend.

Same Year 1997 the Ministry Called Jesus is passing was formed at Sekgopo, he was the founder, Apostle Ramolesa, Pastor Isaac Maake, Mr Isaac Maponya and Pastor Moloto were the co-founder of the ministry, and due to separation the ministry did not last, the same year his Father, Father in the  Lord , mentor and his Pastor  the late Bishop Mamabolo introduced him to the prison ministry, Same year he did the bible course with World Outreach Bible school.

In 2001 he completed Standard 10 which is now called Grade 12 and he was nominated the best learner in Maths as the class of 2001 got 100% pass rate. In 2002 he applied at difference Technicon’s and he was admitted at Cape Tech which is now called Cape Peninsula University of Technology where he did Mechanical Engineering. In the same Year 2001 he meet Dasco Mamorobela and we became Twin.

In 2004 He moved from Cape town to Pretoria were  he did Electrical Engineering  Light current, he met Lucky Mabeba  and  we became Friend, he continued to preach the Gospel. The same Year he meet challenges and he continued to Study until he completed in 2005.

In 2006 he moved from Pretoria to Rustenburg to  stay with his  Sister Shibu and his brother Timothy, The same  year he meet Dickson Molautsi  at the church called  shekinah glory where he was sound engineer and he joined him  as sound Engineer repairing cables and ext.

In 2007 he was called to do in-service training  with Telkom SA, he  moved from Rustenburg to Gauteng and the same year  he  completed  his  training  with Telkom  and he  worked at Siemens  in 2008 ,and he was attending  church at Peniel Praise Centre International where he was Sound Engineer.

In 2008 He was  invited to come  and preach at Reform  Fellowship Church during youth service and he saw this Lady who is now  his  wife  Berrol Lebea, something kicked  in him  and  in 2009 she accepted his proposal.

In 2009 he applied  at MTN for Graduate program and he met Shadrack Nkuna, Dikgabiso Mafereka, Tebogo Lebogo whom they started  this program together. The same year 2009 another ministry called God is Alive Ministry was formed and him as the founder, Pastor Isaac and the other three as the co-founder and God was preparing him for the great mission and work.

In 2010 he got married to Berrol Lebea who is supporting the vision, the ministry called God is Alive Ministry did not last due to lake of communication, the same year 2010 he graduated with Electrical Engineering(National Diploma). In 2011 he worked with Apostle Raymond Rikhotso (RR Answer)

In 2011 he moved to Reform fellowship Church from Peniel Praise Center International. So after arriving at Reform the zeal or the calling that God placed in him was too much. In 2011 he  started preaching at street and houses telling people about Jesus who saves, and the Ministry By The Grace was formed and he started preaching the Gospel together with  the late Lazarus Maake, Tharios Mangena, Hessie Mthombeni and Moses Raolane.
In 2014 he met colleague Lucky Mulaudzi,they became friend ( Mogotsi) .

The Ministry Called By The Grace Ministry was lunched and announced in 2014,the same year he met Evangelist  E M Popela and Evangelist Thabo Mnisi. In 2015 he met Apostle Philip  Makobe.

after  13  years of Marriage, God blessed him with  a son Lesego Mamabolo,  Born 19 October 2023  @ 6:42.

2019 He Obtained Doctorate ( Doctor of Ministry) with Trinity International Bible University
He is staying with his wife  Berrol Mamabolo and his Son Lesego Mamabolo at Birch Acres - Kempton Park Gauteng.

2022   October  29 he was  awarded  with Global Excellence  Award  ( In recognition  of the high standards of Excellence  in the field of Ministry )  by Trinity International Bible University

Yours in His Kingdom
John Mamabolo

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